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Sinan Uygun, the figure at the center of the project, was born in Istanbul in 1964. He graduated from Istanbul Saint-Joseph French High School and Istanbul University Çapa Faculty of Dentistry. In 2010, he had a brain hemorrhage due to high blood pressure in his own clinic.


In the 10th year of his partial paralysis and aphasia as a result of this hemorrhage, he started customized speech and language exercises, including artificial intelligence and social media technologies, under the guidance of his daughter Gökçe Uygun.

Along with this methodology, Sinan has shown developments that are not expected after the first year of average aphasia disorder. These surprising developments have allowed the project to evolve into a comprehensive staging process focusing not only on Sinan's individual development but also on neurological, technological, and linguistic dimensions.

Furthermore, all stages of this multidisciplinary approach, including exercises, the staging process, dialogues with relatives and doctors, will be transformed into a documentary film that also covers the live performance.



Language use encompasses various actions such as speaking, using correct terms, understanding, writing, reading, and creating facial expressions. If one or more of these lose their function due to brain damage, a disorder called aphasia occurs. Therefore, aphasia patients have difficulty expressing themselves or creating meaning through language, depending on the location and degree of brain damage.

In the 10th year of his disorder (2020), Sinan started online studies on language and speech with his daughter Gökçe. These studies included physical exercises such as mimicking and repetition-based motor movements, strengthening facial and mouth muscles, and verbal exercises like word-syllable production, sentence transformation, sentence completion, grouping, and melodic narration.

Over time, repetitions were added to these studies through Sinan's own video and audio recordings, and significant progress was made with the increase in social media use. In 2023, Sinan was introduced to various artificial intelligence applications. His comfortable communication with these applications and the resulting spectator experience caught Gökçe's interest. Subsequently, with the gathering of a production team focused on the subject, the first seeds of the ENDOPHASIA project were sown.

Sinan's development years later attracted the attention of the Neurology Department of Istanbul University Çapa Medical Faculty, and the doctors agreed to observe Sinan's neurological development and communication with technology during the process.

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One of the most important factors in Sinan's exercise process is the mirroring exercises. To take these exercises to the next level in terms of both narration and application, a visual copy of Sinan will be created on stage, and his voice will be cloned to explore different channels of communication with him. The performance will be displayed around the idea of a total machine construction, where sound, light, visuals, and timing systems are simultaneously controlled, taking the human brain as a reference.



In the performance part of the ENDOPHASIA project, a live experience of how the human brain and speech center works is presented, covering the fields of neurology, linguistics and communication through Sinan's aphasia journey and his interactions with technology.


The performance begins with real-time dialogues between Sinan and Selim (performer), and continues with the creation of a digital replica of SIinan using visual and audio elements and the exploration of his inner voices.


The concepts of language, expression and performance are discussed through an experience shaped by the focus on movement, time and narrative simultaneously offered by the use of multimedia reflecting the functionality of the human brain.

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