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The documentary focuses on Sinan's life, which is transforming alongside the ENDOPHASIA project. The main focus of the documentary, which will be shot from a participatory perspective, is how the language created between Sinan and Gökçe stretches the boundaries of aphasia.

The filming, which started with the initial rehearsals of the ENDOPHASIA project, will progress on two main axes. the first axis will focus on the production processes of the ENDOPHASIA project, and all stages and components of the production will be documented. This first axis, which will also focus on the production processes of artists from different disciplines.

The second axis will focus on Sinan's past story, his aphasia disorder, and the healing process that began with the exercises conducted by Gökçe. For this axis of the story, interviews will be conducted with Sinan's family and friends, occasional involvement in Sinan's daily life will occur, all stages of the change experienced with the project will be observed, and consultations will be held with neurologists and speech therapists who are experts in aphasia.

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